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How To Add Contact In Friendster Without Email Address

Many of us are knowing Friendster as a large friend-seeker website with many users. And many of us know that there are many sweet girl’s profiles over there. And it’s a good luck when we see her email address on her profile. But what if not?

In this article, I will show you how to add the girl into your friend list without her email address. Well, it still need her permission to aprove your request, but at least we can give it a try ^_*

  1. First, we need to open her profile:
    Friendster's sample profile
    Look at yellow circle above (I’ve changed her original nickname into cute girl). Mostly you’ll see a phrase (two words). Remember this phrase, or write it down somewhere, or copy this. Click Add as Friend button/link.
  2. Then, you’ll see this familiar phenomenon page:
    Friendster's add as friend form
    Just split the name into two, first as first name and second one as last name. Just hit Continue button to continue.
  3. Yeah, almost done. Just click this lovely button:
    almost done
  4. Last step, praise to Lord that she will approve your request to add her in your Friendster’s friend list ^_*

That’s all folks. After you read this and want to practice, I warn you that all risk are yours. I’m not responsible for any damage, nose bleeding nor any bad things that might happen to you after you tried this tutorial. Have phun V^_^



  1. Lah kan emang kaya gitu kegunaannya …
    dah lama pake cara itu jeng :D:D

    btw, why brush her cute face n her name ??

    he.he. tutorial cuman berlaku bagi yg belum tau 😀
    ah.. her face is too cute for you to see 😀

  2. *cuiiihhhh* tutorial apaan nih….busux banget!!!

    wakaka 😀

  3. screenshotnya ga valid! 😀

    daripada tanpa skrinsyut ntar dikira bamsbang 😛

  4. denmaz

    welah, cara lama atuh zus……

    wakakak tapi saya baru tau kmaren 😛

  5. mosok cuman gini Yen?

    lha pengennya yg kayak apa mas? 😀

  6. buawawkakakak… agung ma kepiting basah kok ya ependiers juga hhahah

    nice tutorial kang.. tapi kudune ojo di BRUSH.. katanya girls admirer.. kok ya gak berbagi gitu loh

    komentarmu ngko opo ya hahahha

  7. namanya lee yaaaaa..?

    add aaah

  8. uno stacko

    gi mana kalo last namenya ngak di ‘view’ gituh?

  9. l

    masa ce namanya lee

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