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Full or partial RSS feed

Choosing full or partial RSS feed has become a hot issue among web developers. Some said that RSS feed should be short, which mean is partially. It uses less bandwidth for delivering the feed content into visitor’s RSS reader. And then they can choose which news to read, hit the link and open up the page using their own web browser.

What’s wrong with this methode? Nothing’s wrong, unless you’re submitting your RSS feed into some planets or agregator. Thus your article will displayed partially and reduce your chance to be indexed by search engine.

But this method can give you statistic of your website’s reader, because they have to click to read full content of your article. You can see what topic they like most, which entry they like to read etc.

While using full RSS feed give you some advantages. The best to mention is your chance to be indexed is bigger than using partial RSS feed when you submit your RSS into planets or agregator. Also, it ease your visitor to read your article. They only need to look at their RSS reader and read all that. No need to click to save more bandwidth. Only content delivered, no ads, no banner, no images etc.

Talking about pay per view ads, using full RSS feed will reduce the chance of your page to be read. Thus, reduce your earning, may be.

So, decision is yours. You have to consider your audience, take a survey about their internet speed.

I myself prefer partial feed. I receive a short description of the article and click the only interesting article. Save my bandwidth, and save the author for I give him more income from his pay per view ads displayed on his homepage/blog. What about you?

You can also read a debate about using full or partial RSS feed.


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  2. better to use half than full, so reader will be more excited with our posts, right? 😀

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