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Dealing With Google Sitemap

When I use Webmaster Tools from Google, it requires sitemap of my site. There are several formats allowed, easiest one is RSS 2.0 format. I already have it as my blog feeds.

Then I realize that it need to be in the root directory, while my blog have the XML file within “feeds/” directory. Changing my code will be a pain, so I decided to do some trick.

I simply create a PHP file in the root directory which read the RSS file and echo its content.:< ?php // sitemap.php $feeds = "feeds/rss.xml"; $read = fopen($feeds,"r"); $isi = fread($read,filesize($feeds)); echo $isi; ?>

Then I open my Google’s Webmaster Tool page and submit sitemap.php instead of my RSS file. And the best thing is, it works as I expected ^_*


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