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Cheatting Country Restriction Download Limits in Rapidshare, Sendspace etc.

Oftenly, when we download files from Rapidshare, SendSpace or other file storage server, we got error message saying that our IP is currently downloading the file or our country’s slots are already full.

Then what should we do? Waiting for few minutes or hours? Even it’s a reasonable thing to do, but we can do something better than just waiting ^_*

Open your web browser and point to Google Translator or Babelfish and copy paste the Rapidshare’s URL into the URL box available on Google Translator or Babelfish. Choose any language then press OK, Translate or whatever it says.

Now the page will be opened (maybe in another language) and (hopefuly) the download link/button will appear. If this method isn’t working, grab a book and read it for few hours then retry this method :p



  1. Sorry, I could not determine the IP for (error 11004). 😀

    did you mean, ? 😉

  2. tuing-tuing, i think yeni is miss typed 😀

    finally, this trick is appears in here 😀

    yen, ada gak yang buat bypass countdown nya?
    or dapet premium account nya 😀

  3. coba.. akali one post a day mu 😀
    pake akal akalan rapidshare mu

  4. coba meneh 😀

  5. [-O< give me a sorry 😀

  6. Hmmm…i know i’ve read this before.
    *tapi dimana yah??*


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