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Add friend in friendster without email nor last name

FriendsterI’ve written a silly trick to add friend in Friendster without email address a long time ago. But this time I’m serious, a trick how to add friend in Friendster without email address or even last name. Seriously.

How it can be done?

Very simple. Just add your target’s friends first, as many as possible. Wait until your request to your target’s friend is approved. Then you can add your target as a friend without any difficulties. Sound great, eh?

Leave me a comment if you like my method ^_^


  1. i don’t like the method 😛 . i just for sign..

    ‘Hey, Agung Was Here..’ .. lol

  2. Leave me a comment if you like my method ^_^


    I dont wanna leave you any comment! No! =))

    *push da button*

  3. LoLz.. thats the greatest jokes on this month…. 😀

  4. gdubbbrraaakkkk…… 😆

  5. ha ha ha… ini hanya sebagai pembelaan postingan lo terdahulu ya jeng…

  6. zecret

    sura nman nyang method mo.TANGA

  7. duh that methodis not nice you pervert!

  8. MatBego

    bego’s friends gk keliatan :LOL

  9. aning

    can any one help me plsss!!!
    teach me how to add a friend in f.s

  10. Yeah….!!! whata great idea, keep it up!

  11. Joke Joke Joke leng….ahahahahahahahaa

  12. Nu un joke? ehehehe… pero kng d ka mapigilan eh d xuh geh!.

  13. heheheeh i dont think all the comments are right hehehehhe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. websterkid25

    what kind of discussion is this?! friendster is the basic of all social networking site! haller!
    anyway, nice ad! wehehee!

  15. FRiendstr

    space lng mga BOBOB

  16. fairuz nabilah

    how are you

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