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A Small But Fatal Mistakes?

There’s a new and growing up puzzle site that challenge the visitor to solve a single puzzle on each page. Yes, it’s, spelled as “tekateki” which mean “puzzle” in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia).

Every puzzle solved, the visitor must copy-paste the answer into address bar and add .html on its end to reach next level page. By this way, the author thought that the link won’t be listed by any search engine because he made no links.

Today, I search a bit on Google and found at least 10 pages linked to random level of TKTQ page! Yeah, not sorted in order but I could use them for shortcut to jump to any level I want.

How can it happen? Didn’t they use robot.txt? Hmm.. I’m sure TKTQ will soon realize this and take an action. Or they can build a better application to avoid user sharing their URL ^_*


  1. haiiyaahhh… semalem aku main ini, di kasih tau ma kk ku, antara clue ma jawaban aneh, kadang malah clue nya gak nyambung sama sekali

    contoh yang level 6 kalo gak salah, yang tentang World Cup 2006,
    haruskah gambar ini di ganti?
    memang benderanya menunjukan itu gambar bendera perancis, tapi masa jawabannya zidane?? padahal di tengah itu adalah gambar pemain italy lagi ngangkat piala.. uaneh pooll..

    nihh aku kasih jawaban level nya heheheh

    lebih bagus godtower 😀 clue nya mengarah bener tapi bener bener bikin penasaran.

  2. U waste too much time bro. Belajar dong, maen mulu !!!

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