Burung Elang di Atas Rumah

05 March 2018 12:40:33 WIB, under category Daily,Sejarah Keren

Sekitar satu minggu yang lalu (pas weekend), kami mendapati seekor burung elang melayang-layang di atas rumah kami. Saya dan Lumen mendengar suara melengking saat sedang berada di samping rumah. Kami berpandangan lalu berteriak, “suara elang!”.


Begitu menengok ke atas, ternyata benar ada seekor elang melayang-layang di atas rumah kami sambil sesekali mengeluarkan suara melengking.


Turdus Poliocephalus Stresemanni – The Movie

15 May 2008 02:05:15 WIB, under category Uncategorized

This post is related to my previous post, and this time I would like to share the video of the bird I took that day.

I really wanna touch and play with the bird! 😀

Turdus poliocephalus stresemanni

24 April 2008 02:04:15 WIB, under category Uncategorized


This bird’s name in Latin is Turdus poliocephalus stresemanni, in Indonesia it’s called as Anis Gunung or Anis of the Mountain. While local people call them Jalak Gading (Ivory Jalak).

I met this kind of bird on my last vacation, I was hiking with my girl friend at Lawu Mountain, Indonesia. The bird are spreading from half up to the peak of the mountain. Therefore this bird also called as friend of the hikers.

It was fun to see the birds playing surround us 😀

Thanks to Pakdhe for this bird’s information.


PS: I also uploaded this bird image to Wikipedia.