Do I need credit card(s)?

Sometimes I’m thinking that I might need a credit card for paying my online subscriptions/purchasing. I know that PayPal will help, but some –online– stores only receive payment using those plastic cards.

I know that they only accept credit card because this card will “show” buyer’s age. Credit card owner should be above 17 years old, so they’re allowed to purchase goods which are not available for kids under 17. Make sense, right?

I have learned how credit card works and now looking for the best credit card provider, although I’m still uncertain. Moreover after this incident, it was a big case because the victim was a member of popular political party in Indonesia.

Back to topic. I have applied once and rejected by the bank a couple of years ago. I think I should make another applications in the near future. I’m sure with a good financial plan it will bring more benefit than disadvantages.

There’s a secured credit card application in the Net but I think I’m gonna use the traditional way. Visiting the bank and asking for more information from its customer service officer.

Other than that, bank officers (especially the lady teller) are alwasy lovely to see.  Neat hair do, good looking uniform, and nice smile 😀

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  1. Sedikit atau banyak, kartu plastik ini sangat bermanfaat.
    Dengan penggunaan bijak, manfaat akan diperoleh.
    Jalan mudah mendapatkan credit card kamu apply ke salah satu bank, misal hsbc dan bila satu berhasil disetujui, mudah untuk dapatkan yg lain.

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