CPU case money drawer

19 January 2011 01:11:25 WIB, under category Daily

old IBM CPU case

It was my CPU, a cool 266MHz processor with RAM only 64MB  and Seagate harddrive that could only store 1.5GB data. It’s no longer used and my brother put its case on a rack at his working room.

cool old CPU case

He cut the CD-ROM bay to widen the hole, build a wooden box  and insert it into the bay.  And now my old CPU case becomes…

CPU money drawer

A geeky cool money drawer!

2 Comments so far..

  1. celo
    19 January 2011, 01:19:49 WIB

    kinda cool, though 😛

  2. anton ashardi
    17 February 2011, 06:47:20 WIB

    Lho… ini juga ada dulu dirumah, yang bisa diupgrade cuman hardisk ama soundcard, wekekekeke…

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