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Setelah beberapa kali mati dan hidup lagi, kali ini Youtube downloader yang saya pasang di MOBI kembali tidak berfungsi. Penyebabnya adalah karena Youtube menerapkan aturan baru di sistemnya, bahwa alamat IP yang mendownload video haruslah sama dengan alamat IP yang mengirimkan request untuk menampilkan URI video. Saat ini (dan biasanya) yang mengirimkan request ke Youtube […]


After failed to work for some weeks, I finally got spare time to finish the Youtube Downloader scripts. To get this script working, you must have readfile() function enabled. As alternative, you can modify the script and use file_get_contents() or CURL. Have fun! ^_^


A few years ago, I built a website that able to download video from Youtube.com. But some weeks ago the website is down because of the domain is expired. Now, the website is strikes back, with some improvements. The website is not finished yet, but you can give it a try at http://mobi.web.id. Please give […]