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Halo Guttenberg!

Oke, Guttenberg memang sudah lama terdengar sebagai bakal pengganti penyunting teks bawaan WordPress namun baru kali ini saya menggunakannya, setelah engine blog ini apdet dengan sendirinya 😀 Yang menarik adalah WordPress memberi opsi untuk tetap menggunakan penyunting teks yang lama demi kenyamanan pengguna. Jadi, Anda pakai yang mana?


jQuery Sliding Scripts

There are a lot of jQuery plugins out there for various purposes. I have seen some plugins for the same purpose, for example is creating sliding page/object. Among other them, for me Slidedeck is the easiest one to use. On its feature page on their website, said that this jQuery plugin can be customized, has...

WordPress: Your hosting does not support this feature 3

WordPress: Your hosting does not support this feature

I was moving wordpress installation from one server into another. I copy the files, import database and modify configuration file (wp-config.php) and trying to access the page. But I only get following message: Your hosting does not support this feature. I logged into my shell account, checked permission files and found that some files have...