My Daily Knives

23 March 2009 12:03:30 WIB, under category Uncategorized

I am a knives lover. Since I was a young boy, I played with knife. Nabbing banana trees, cut down the bushes and other dangerous things (lol)

Nowadays, I always bring knives everywhere. Here are some of them:

Today I bring Victorinox Stay Glow (the green one) and the black flashlight with me. Stored safely in my bag :up:

Fake or Original?

11 September 2008 05:09:26 WIB, under category Uncategorized

After enough sleep, I continue my research about my new knife and I found more pages in Polish language. Now I'm confused 😀

Here are the pics, please anybody who know swiss knife tell me the truth..

I hope it is original..

Fake Victorinox Knife

10 September 2008 22:09:56 WIB, under category Uncategorized

Since I was a young boy I always interested with knife. And one of my dream was having a Victorinox knife.

Today I was walking on a local outdoor equipment store and saw a nice Victorinox swiss army knife with fluoresence grip. The price was a little bit cheap but still expensive for me. Then I bought it without any further consideration.

Fake Victorinox

At home, I was wondering the logo stamped on the knife. It's too ugly for a victorinox knife, so I did a little research over the internet. The model number was 3.4603.808 and all search results are pointed into China's websites. Yes, I think it's a fake swiss army knife :doh: