Kilabret – The Reverse Text generator

Started from strange topic in, I write down this tiny script to reverse and un-reverse the text written there.

If you type kamen rider, it will return nemak redir. Sound cool right?

< ?php
// save it as reverse.php
foreach($argv as $arg){
	if($arg == $argv[0]) continue;
	echo strrev($arg)." ";

Now let’s give it a try:

C:php4>php reverse.php reverse this words with thy power!!!!
Content-type: text/html
X-Powered-By: PHP/4.3.11
esrever siht sdrow htiw yht !!!!rewop

Hi..hi.. ridiculous?


  1. vokoke keyen lah jeng yeni..
    kreatip neper end 😀

  2. hehe.. programmer sedeng..!! jadi ikut2an neh aku nya.

    *jeng, ini beneran gravatarized? kayaknya kemaren ga muncul deh*

  3. tpript ngis ‘udagda’ ngan ndi Ney?

    (sisan ngelus-ngelus…)

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