Download Youtube with PHP and CURL

This is an update for my previous Youtube Downloader.

If you don’t know what is PHP Youtube Downloader, it is a simple PHP script that we can use to download video from You must, at least, having PHP installed and CURL activated.

Download the source at here and read some information at Google Code Page.

Have fun!


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  1. mas , aku njajal translatormu dinggo boso walikan (prokem jogja),

    ketok e hasil le ono sing salah

    kebetulan aku njajal nganggo kata2 saru

    1. alat kelamin pria
    2. wong wedok sing neng sarkem

    demikian informasi nya

  2. sori komentar re m,ungkin salah treat , lha bingung , neng kene ra ono threat dinggo boso walik an mu

  3. Well i tried your script ,
    when i past a url in echo get_youtube(‘’);

    i am getting Array

    am i doing anything wrong?

    Eagerly waiting for your reply..


  4. Sir, How to get the video title. What is the parameter for that.

  5. Haryo Legowo

    04/01/2010 — 13:16

    Nyothe kosa lalto gedsul-gedsul bayu ?
    Try again with polite words, please ! Such as : Hengi, Satuny, nyehnge, pabu saciladh.
    I am sure, you will be successful.

  6. youtube downloader isnt working anymore 🙁

  7. youtube downloader isnt working anymore 🙂

    how can it be fixed

  8. how can this be fixed?

  9. thx for this script

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