Update PHP on Virtualmin

I’m using Virtualmin to manage some servers (both physical or VPS) and I’m pretty confidence to say that this is the best freeware for server control panel. Virtualmin currently provide PHP 5.1 (I’m using CentOS 5.5) and here’s how to upgrade its PHP version to 5.2. This command will activate Bleeding Edge Packages for CentOS/RHEL […]

Install Nginx, PHP-FPM & MySQL in Centos

Warning: This shell script will remove your previous Apache installation. Update June, 25 2014: The following script works on CentOS 5 very well. If you’re using CentOS 6, go to this page instead: http://freevps.us/thread-1434.html After reading a tutorial of how to install Nginx, PHP and MySQL in a difficult way, now I would like to […]

Insert French Characters Into MySQL

I was developing a bi-lingual website, so my custom CMS should be able to accept and display both English and non English characters. For English characters, it’s a piece of cake. But for French characters, I have pulling my hair for days to find out what went wrong with my script. I have set the […]

Download Youtube with PHP and CURL

This is an update for my previous Youtube Downloader. If you don’t know what is PHP Youtube Downloader, it is a simple PHP script that we can use to download video from Youtube.com. You must, at least, having PHP installed and CURL activated. Download the source at here and read some information at Google Code […]