Opera releases their mobile browsing report

Opera has released their mobile browsing report, yesterday. The report was made by analyzing the uses of Opera Mini (small but powerful –java based– mobile browser) by the users all around the world. The fact was an amazing thing, they found that social networking sites take 40% of total Opera Mini usage all over the world. Even at USA and Indonesia, the number is increased into more than 60%.

Here’s a quote from Mr Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO at Opera Software:

I invite you to see some this transition for yourself in our first “State of the Mobile Web” report. We looked at the aggregate, anonymous traffic of more than 44 million cumulative Opera Mini users worldwide to see where they chose to spend their time when using the Web on their mobile devices. I hope you find this report useful, actionable and interesting.

They also wrote the top ten sites visited using Opera Mini for users located in Russia, Indonesia, China, United States, India, South Africa, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Germany and Poland. Please jump to for details.

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  1. Gogogo Opera Mini! Once again Indonesia has yelled, is that mean we are becoming more popular?

    No doubt Friendster is always the number one, yeah I know many cute hot chicks there Kur! Kur! 😛

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