Opera 9.5 features you should also know

Opera Software has released their final Opera 9.5 yesterday at June 12th. With a lot of improvements from the prior version, this release also has a new shinny look and feel. It’s also mentioned as the best achievement of four years development. It’s a little surprising that Opera released the final version just a few days before their competitor, Firefox, release their final version 3 next June 17th (tomorrow!).

I’ve tried Opera 9.5 and see many improvements and brand new features. Here are the list of Opera 9.5 features that worth to mention. Well, not all mentioned here are brand new features, just to write down my own opinion of interesting Opera features.

  • Opera Link
    Opera Link is a new feature that allows Opera users to synchronize their bookmark, speed dial and notes on desktop version with Opera Mini and vice versa.
  • Enhanced Tab Menu
    Tab menu
    You can duplicate the tab, lock the tab to avoid incidental closing, detach the tab, and even create a follower tab. Duplicate tab is duplicating/opening new tab with the same browsing history as the active tab, while follower tab is a tab that will open the link that you clik on the active tab.
  • Open With
    Opera with Open With feature
    “Open With” is the most democratic feature from Opera. You can easily open the current URL using this feature. Simply right click on the page, select Open With and you will see a list of your browser(s) and choose wich one to use. Fair enough, rite?

Well, sorry not to write other Opera features because I think you’ve read them somewhere in the net. Now let’s wait until tomorrow to see what Firefox had prepared to compete with Opera.


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    Any idea on how to modify the list of “Open with” applications appearing in context menu?

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