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This Blog Will Be Terminated

Dear readers, this time I would like to announce that this is my last post in this blog. Next time you will see this blog in different format, layout and language. Due to my contemplation, I realize that I can give more shit if I wrote in my mother language, Bahasa Indonesia.

So, sayonara readers. Please support me to “Mentjerdaskan Kehidoepan Bangsa” (Smarten the son of nation). Come on, don’t be so sad. You can still see me around ^_*



  1. Hi, I’ve changed my mind 😛

  2. sandalian without “the” is back

  3. fwo

    Mantap kalo trilingual: Indonesia, Inggris dan Jowo. Hahaha

  4. Wew… actually the option for still writing on a blog is good. Better good than just take time to date in saturday nite . Because all you can get in some and another post is a Intelegency 🙂

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