Wild Berries

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I found this berries at my previous vacation on Mount Lawu, they spread along with Raspberries. I don't know what kind of berry they are but they are bigger than raspberries, almost the same size as strawberry. They have sour taste but not so juicy :whistle:

I picked some of the fresh-looking berries and ate them, very tasty. After eating ten or more berries, my stomach were fulfilled :yes:

See two more photos at my Wild Berries photo album. :yes:


Bloggers plan to clean the beach from rubish

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Picture above is the logo for Yogyakarta bloggers next event. Named Bloger Bekisar, which stands for "Bloger bersih-bersih di sekitar mercusuar" or "Bloggers cleaning out area suround lighthouse". If you notice, we use single g for blogger (bloger, instead of blogger) because Yogyakarta bloggers are agreed to write blogger as bloger, with single g letter :p

The beach where the lighthouse is located was very clean but now very dirty. Look at picture below and you will see how dirty the beach is :doh:

We will clean the beach at January 27th 2007. Any of you, blogger or not, may join this event for free. We will gather at Vredeburg Castle (Yogyakarta) at 6 am and go to Pandansari beach together at 7 am. Don't forget to bring your own meals :cheers:

For further information please visit http://antobilang.wordpress.com/2008/01/20/bloger-bekisar/ or leave your comment here. :yes:

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It's 3am localtime and I still can't sleep.. :doh:
But I have to sleep now in order not to be late tomorrow.

Any idea how to sleep easily? :faint:


What happen with me tonite?

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Dunno what happen with me tonite. Seem my body metabolism went wrong T_T

I feel so powerless and need a hand while nobody here. Also, I should workin' on my project now. But with my current condition, I don't think I can write the codes.

I got stomachache, I got fever.. fyuh…
I hope it's just a common cold.

I think I must sleep now..

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