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Changing VPS Timezone

One of many things that you probably do when managing a VPS is setting up date and time to match your local date and time. Here’s a quick guide to change your VPS’ timezone.

You can find your own timezone at /usr/share/zoneinfo/ and copy it to /etc/localtime. Here’s the magic spell:

[server]# cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Jakarta /etc/localtime

Of course you have to change that Asia/Jakarta thing into your own timezone.

The date command output before I change its timezone:

[server]# date
Wed Apr  4 16:34:20 EDT 2012

And this is after:

[server]# date
Thu Apr  5 03:36:05 WIT 2012

Tic.. tac.. tic.. tac..

Install Nginx, PHP-FPM & MySQL in Centos

Warning: This shell script will remove your previous Apache installation.
Update June, 25 2014:
The following script works on CentOS 5 very well. If you’re using CentOS 6, go to this page instead: http://freevps.us/thread-1434.html

After reading a tutorial of how to install Nginx, PHP and MySQL in a difficult way, now I would like to tell ya how to install them in a very easy way.

I found this method was very effective and completed just within few minutes in my Centos VPS.

  1. Download  this shell script to your VPS
    [root@power ~]# wget http://freevps.us/downloads/nginx-centos.sh
  2. Run that bash script
    [root@power ~]# bash nginx-centos.sh

    then wait..

  3. Voila! Nginx, PHP-FPM and MySQL are installed at glance!

Not only that, this shell script also installed a tool to create virtual host in Nginx named setup-vhost.

When I made virtual host for this blog, I just need to run this command:

[root@power ~]# setup-vhost sandalian.com

Then I uploaded all my files at /var/www/sandalian.com and configure database connection etc.

Thanks to you guys at freevps.us, installing this stack never been easier than this!