Rent First, Buy Later

June 7, 2012 | Uncategorized | ,

A friend of mine, who just moved to a new apartment was asking me of any furniture rental available nearby his place. After googling around, I found and it seemed promising.

Based from information on their website, my friend can rent furniture, kitchen equipment, plasma or LCD, handy household appliance, a computer or even exercise equipment.

The most interesting part is their "Buyout Option". It's if we feel comfortable with their stuff, we can buy the same items that we rent. More over, if the goods are are rented for 36 months, the buyout price is only $1! A buck, we can say that it's free.

Another benefit with renting is the maintenance. They will provide free maintenance for goods we rent, including installation, service and repair during the rental period. This is really a nice offers :yes:

The rental period is also quite flexible. We can rent goods for days –say, weekend–, weeks, or months. For contract more than 6 months, delivery fee would be free. They also deliver on weekend, when most of us are in vacation.

A question that popped out of my mind was: what happens if the product I rent breaks down? According to their website, they will fix/repair the product for free.

I think I can't go wrong about this rental company, and without a doubt I suggested my friend to use their service.