Cara mudah membersihkan virus di komputer

21 April 2015 13:30:14 WIB, under category Komputer

virus illustrated

Jika Anda menggunakan sistem operasi Windows, virus adalah suatu hal yang niscaya akan Anda temukan dalam pemakaian komputer sehari-hari. Memiliki antivirus yang selalu diperbarui memang akan membantu, tetapi ada kalanya muncul virus baru yang belum dikenali oleh antivirus yang Anda gunakan.

Apa yang harus Anda lakukan jika sewaktu-waktu virus muncul di komputer Anda? Jangan panik, saya akan bercerita sedikit pengalaman saya dalam membereskan virus. Sekarang sih sudah jarang berurusan dengan virus sejak menggunakan Elementary OS. (more…)

SmadAV – At a Glance

16 April 2010 06:57:37 WIB, under category Reviews

SmadAV is a local antivirus made by Indonesia youths that I’ve heard since some times ago but just now I get the chance to give it a try. Here is the screenshoot,  very simple with all tools in a single modal dialog (click to zoom the pic).

The interface is likely different than any other antivirus, very simple and contains all what we need when the computer is under attack by the viruses.

Some viruses will disable access to msconfig, regedit and task manager that make us difficult to restore the computer. And SmadAV provides button to access msconfig, regedit and task manager in a single click. Cool!

I would like to say that SmadAV is made by experienced people, I mean, experienced with the virus problem.  Maybe that’s why they include all the tools to kill virus in a single application.  It’s like having a swiss tool knife for all your virus problems.

Although I haven’t use SmadAV on my daily basis, it’s a recomended one. They said that after give some donations, we can get a license key to unlock some more features, like faster scanning and automatic updates.